Kameník Zdeněk

Dr. Zdeněk Kameník

Head of the Laboratory

After accomplishing my PhD. degree in Analytical Chemistry at the Charles University in Prague in 2012, I joined Greg Challis group at the University of Warwick in the UK as a postdoctoral researcher, investigating bottromycin biosynthesis. Then, I moved back to Prague and worked in the Jiri Janata group at the Institute of Microbiology Czech Acad Sci on the biosynthesis of bioactive metabolites produced by soil and marine Actinobacteria – lincosamides and pyrrolobenzodiazepines. In 2018, I participated in a metabolomics project at the University of California at San Diego, USA, in Pieter Dorrestein group. In 2020, I was awarded the Lumina Quaeruntur premium from Czech Acad Sci and established a team for microbial biosynthesis and metabolomics. My top achievements were published in top scientific journals including ACS Chemical Biology, Chemical Science, Journal of Chromatography A, Journal of the American Chemical Society (JACS), Nature Communications, Natural product Reports, and Scientific reports.

Dr. Gabriela Balíková Novotná

RESEARCHER – team leader

Dr. Jiří Janata
biotechnology and collaboration with private sector
2810 Najmanová Lucie
Dr. Lucie Najmanová

metagenome analysis, microbiome research

Dr. Stanislav Kadlčík

genome mining, biosynthesis

Dr. Markéta Koběrská
genetic manipulation
Dr. Radek Gažák

organic chemist

4324 Zdvořáková Lucie
Dr. Lucie Zdvořáková

biosynthesis, structure of proteins

Aninda Mazumdar
Dr. Aninda Mazumdar


Tommaso Stefani
Dr. Tommaso Stefani

metabolomics, analytical chemistry

Dr. Fanny Demay


Dr. Durga Mahor


 MSc. Vojtěch Kovařovič


MSc. Marie Vachulová


MSc. Anna Gažáková


MSc. Julie Pokorná


3515 Slonská Natalia
MSc. Natalia Slonská


  • Iva Nalezencová FSUC-Investigation of the regulatory function of ABCF proteins in S. aureus using advanced in vivo techniques to study translation (2023)
  • Mufarrah Mehboob FSUC-Exploring the Antibiotic-Responsive Regulatory function of ABCF Proteins in Antibiotic-Producing Bacteria (2023)
  • Ondřej Hřebíček -FSUC – Development of bioinformatics software for targeted analysis of gene clusters, and its application to study the biosynthesis of bacterial metabolites with an unusual 4-alkyl-L-proline motif. (2022)
  • Baraa Jadala– UCT- The benefit of 4-alkyl-L-proline motif for biological activity of microbial metabolites with distinct modes of action (2022)
  • Michaela Novotná FSUC- Regulation of gene expression of antibiotic resistance ABCF proteins and their role in the regulation of translation (2021)
  • Michaela Plechatá UCT- Structural and functional diversity of bioactive specialized metabolites produced by Actinobacteria (2021)
  • Lada Hanzlíková (Brázdová) UCT- Genome mining towards novel metabolites with 4-alkyl-L-proline moieties (2019)
  • Magdalena Lenartová  FSUC- Biosynthesis of pyrrolobenzodiazepines and related natural compounds(2015)- maternity leave
  • Ludmila Veselá FSUC- Antibiotic resistance conferred by members of ARE subfamily of ABC proteins (2015)
  • Emma Polomská  UCT- Unraveling new bioactive metabolites with alkylproline motif through gene cluster expression and chemical structure elucidation (2023)
  • Natalie Zárybnická UCT- Homologs of eukaryotic histone methyltranferases in the biosynthesis of bacterial metabolites: structure and function elucidation (2023)
  • Jakub Musil  UCT -Mechanism of gene expression regulation controlled by the ribosome-binding ABCF ATPase LmrC (2022)
  • Lucie Korbová FSUC -The role of LmbF and CcbF proteins in the biosynthesis of the antibiotics lincomycin and celesticetin and their potential application in the biosynthesis of the hybrid antibiotic celin (2022)
NameAcquired degree/position in our labCurrent career (as of 2024)
Veronika ZachovalováMSc. (2023)Technician in Ghc Genetics
Kateřina NovákováMSc. (2023)
Process Engineer- EXBIO- department of cells
Gioele PecinMSc. (2023)Ph.D. student at Fundacion MEDINA, Spain
Eliška MaškováMSc. (2023)Process Engineer- EXBIO
Pamela Omena PetraviciusPh.D. student 
Jakub LenártPh.D. (2022)Microbiology analyst in Aeskulab
Monika BartalováMSc. (2021)QC associate in SCTbio
Lukáš KekrtMSc. (2021)Copywriter in HUSTA PR agency
Šimon VobrubaPh.D. (2021)Researcher at the Institute of Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry
Bianka MickeBc. (2020)Ph.D. student at Faculty of Science, Charles University in Prague
Bára Seidlová (Lisnerová)MSc. (2020)Office Leader & Clinical Trial Coordinator at Clinical Research Center
Petra JiráskováPh.D. (2020)Laboratory specialist at Nachod hospital
Lukáš CudlmanMSc. (2019)Ph.D. student in analytical chemistry, Faculty of Science, Charles University & Institute of Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry
Jana Prášilová (Havlová)MSc. (2018) 
Nikola PinďákováMSc. (2018)Clinical research associate, Novo Nordisk, ICON Strategic Solutions
Barbora TěšínskáMSc (2018)Clinical microbiology expert at Bulovka Hospital
Lucie Palanová (Růžičková)MSc. (2017)Lab manager at University of South Bohemia in České Budějovice
Vít RyndMSc. (2017)

Forensic organic chemistry expert in the Institute of Criminalistics, Police of the Czech Republic

Markéta VálkováMSc. (2017) 
Leona ZieglerováMSc. (2015)Quality assurance officer in Quinta-Analytika
Ludmila VeseláMSc. (2015)Junior Researcher at CEITEC, Masaryk University
Tomáš KučeraPh.D. (2013)Senior head of strategic alliances and channel partners in Saphetor (VarSome), Barcelona, Spain
Dana ChytráMSc. (2012)Laboratory specialist at SEQme
Tomáš BakalMSc. (2011)Specialist in SCTbio
Marek PoĺanMSc. (2011)Senior regulatory affairs specialist in ICON plc
Yvona SmutnáMSc. RNDr. (2010)Toxikologist at Regumed GmbH
Dana UlanováPh.D. (2010)Researcher and lecturer at Kochi University, Japan
Michaela KroováMSc. (2010) 
Klára HoláPh.D. (2008) 
Dominika ChalupskáMSc. (2008)Researcher at the Institute of Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry
Lenka SabováMSc. (2008)Microbiology expert in Citylab – clinical laboratories
Alexander GakhCSc. (2001)Research assistant at Mayo Clinic, Rochester, USA
Jan KadlecMSc. (2000)Researcher at Institut de biologie structurale (IBS) – CNRS, Grenoble, France
Zoia StoychevaCSc. (1999)Assistant professor at University of Hawaii at Manoa, USA
Bojana RadojevicPh.D. studentInstrument sales specialist in Akoya Biosciences, Inc. , USA
Vladimir VimbergpostdocNGS Specialist at SEQme
Eva KutejováPIDirector of the Institute of Molecular Biology, Slovak Academy of Sciences, Slovakia
Abdul SamadpostdocResearcher at the Institute of Microbiology
Juan David GuzmanpostdocSenior Scientist in NewPath Bio GmbH, Vienna, Austria
Jan KopeckýPh.D., postdocResearcher at Crop Research Institute
Markéta MarečkováPh.D., postdocResearcher and lecturer at Czech University of Life Sciences
Jitka NovotnáPh.D., postdocExpert in State Health Institute (SZU)
Jana VeselátechnicianProtein facility specialist in DIANA Biotechnologies
Bich Nguyen Thi NgocMSc. 
Jaroslav Spížeklab leader, institute directorretired
Miloslav Klégrtechnicianretired
Kamila Plháčkovátechnicianretired
Vendulka Jechovátechnicianretired

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