Running thesis

Name Started Type Title
Mufarrah Mehboob 2023 dissertation Exploring the Antibiotic-Responsive Regulatory function of ABCF Proteins in Antibiotic-Producing Bacteria)
Iva Nalezencová 2023 dissertation Investigation of the regulatory function of ABCF proteins in S. aureus using advanced in vivo techniques to study translation
Natálie Zárybnická 2023 diploma thesis Homologs of eukaryotic histone methyltranferases in the biosynthesis of bacterial metabolites: structure and function elucidation
Emma Polomská 2023 diploma thesis Unraveling new bioactive metabolites with alkylproline motif through gene cluster expression and chemical structure elucidation
Jakub Musil 2022 diploma thesis Mechanism of gene expression regulation controlled by the ribosome-binding ABCF ATPase LmrC
Lucie Korbová 2022 diploma thesis The role of LmbF and CcbF proteins in the biosynthesis of the antibiotics lincomycin and celesticetin and their potential application in the biosynthesis of the hybrid antibiotic celin
Ondřej Hřebíček 2022 dissertation Development of bioinformatics software for targeted analysis of gene clusters, and its application to study the biosynthesis of bacterial metabolites with an unusual 4-alkyl-L-proline motif
Baraa Jadala 2022 dissertation The benefit of 4-alkyl-L-proline motif for biological activity of microbial metabolites with distinct modes of action
Anna Jelínková 2021 dissertation LC/MS identification of new biomarkers in mouse gnotobiotic models of human civilization diseases
Michaela Novotná 2021 dissertation Regulation of gene expression of antibiotic resistance ABCF proteins and their role in the regulation of translation
Michaela Plechatá 2021 dissertation Structural and functional diversity of bioactive specialized metabolites produced by Actinobacteria
Lada Hanzlíková 2019 dissertation Genome mining towards novel metabolites with 4-alkyl-L-proline moieties
Magdaléna Lenartová 2015 dissertation Biosynthesis of pyrrolobenzodiazepines and related natural compounds

Defended thesis

 Name Finished Type Title
 Eliška Mašková 2023 diploma thesis The role of ABCF ATPases in the regulation of translation in Staphylococcus aureus
 Veronika Zachovalová 2023 diploma thesis Detailed characterization of SAM-dependent methyltransferase from lincomycin biosynthesis at the amino acid level
 Kateřina Nováková 2023 diploma thesis Evaluation of antimicrobial activity of soil actinomycete metabolites against multi-resistant bacterial pathogens
 Jan Kýr 2023 diploma thesis Cellular factors influencing the antibiotic resistance by ABCF proteins
 Gioele Pecin2022diploma thesisAlternative APD pathway producing strictly 3-C side chain metabolites with an 4-alkyl-L-proline
Ondřej Hřebíček2022diploma thesisEnzymatic modifications of 4-alkyl-L-proline derivatives incorporated in specialized metabolites of Actinobacteria
Lukáš Kekrt2022diploma thesisThe role of F420-dependent oxidoreductases in actinobacteria
Martin Kurečka2022bachelor thesisInteractions between Schistosoma spp. and their hosts at the metabolome level
Jakub Lenart2022dissertationCritical sites determining the resistance phenotype of ABC proteins from the ARE subfamily and the molecular mechanism of their function
Šimon Vobruba2021dissertationStudy of the key points of lincomycin and celesticetin biosynthesis
Monika Bartalová2021diploma thesisEvaluation of antimicrobial activity of actinomycete metabolites against clinically important bacterial pathogens
Anna Jelínková2021diploma thesisDevelopment of LC-MS method for untargeted metabolomics of polar compounds
Michaela Novotná2021diploma thesisMechanism of inducible gene expression of resistance protein Vga(A)LC from Staphylococcus haemolyticus
Barbora Těšínská2020diploma thesisComplex characterization of subgingival plaque – use of modern sequencing methods in diagnostics and monitoring of treatment of periodontal diseases
Bianka Micke2020bachelor thesisThe function of ABCF proteins in bacteria
Lucie Steiningerová2020dissertationThe role of F₄₂₀H₂-dependent reductases in the biosynthesis of microbial bioactive metabolites incorporating a 4-alkyl-˪-proline derivate
Petra Jirásková2020dissertationBiosynthesis of propylproline building unit of lincomycin
Bára Seidlová2020diploma thesisErgothioneine and mycothiol in the biosynthesis of lincosamides
Jan Kýr2020bachelor thesisThe function of ClpX chaperone in bacteria
Lada Brázdová2019diploma thesisProducts characterization of bacterial strains encoding the biosynthesis of alkylprolin derivatives
Lukáš Cudlman2019diploma thesisAnalysis and isolation of intermediates involved in the biosynthetic pathway of alkylproline derivatives
Michaela Novotná2018bachelor thesisControl of the gene expression by cis-acting non-coding RNAs and their importance in regulating genes conferring resistance to antibiotics
Nikola Pinďáková2018diploma thesisCharacterization of the ABC-F protein Sco0636 in Streptomyces coelicolor
Jana Prášilová2018diploma thesisDevelopment and genetic basis of glycopeptide resistance in coagulase-negative staphylococci
Bich Nguyen Thi Ngoc2018diploma thesisSubcellular localization of resistant proteins Vga(A)LC and Msr(A) using fluorescence microscopy
Barbora Těšínská2018diploma thesisComplex characterization of subgingival plaque – use of modern sequencing methods in diagnostics and monitoring of treatment of periodontal diseases
Lucie Palánová2017diploma thesisIdentification of secondary metabolites in bacteria that contain the biosynthetic gene clusters of pyrrolobenzodiazepines
Vít Rynd2017diploma thesisThe development of LC-MS method for determining precursors of dicarboxylic lincomycin
Magdaléna Pavlíková2015diploma thesisThe identification of biosynthetic clusters in the soil isolates of actinomycetes.
Lucie Steiningerová2015diploma thesisCommon features of the biosynthetic pathways of lincomycin,some pyrrolo-1,4-benzodiazepines and hormaomycin
Šimon Vobruba2015diploma thesisThe substrate specificity of adenylation domains of synthetases in secondary methabolism
Leona Zieglerová2015diploma thesisThe effect of vanZTei and vanZg expression on resistance to glycopeptide antibiotics in Staphylococcus aureus
Ludmila Veselá2015diploma thesisInfluence of expression of lmr(C) on the biosynthesis of lincomycin in Streptomyces lincolnensis: Resistance or production?
Stanislav Kadlčík2014dissertationEnzyme activities with potential for production of hybrid lincosamide antibiotics
Tomáš Kučera2014dissertationImpact of the glycine-rich loop on the function of processing peptidases of the mitochondrial type
Magdaléna Pavlíková2013bachelor thesisThe use of parallel sequencing methods in microbiology
Lucie Steiningerová2013bachelor thesisCommon features of the biosynthetic pathways of lincomycin,some pyrrolo-1,4-benzodiazepines and hormaomycin
Šimon Vobruba2013bachelor thesisLessons from nature – preparation of hybrid bioactive compounds
Jakub Lenart2012diploma thesisThe effect of aminoacid variability on the resistance phenotype in ARE subfamily of ABC proteins
Petra Jiráčková2012diploma thesisPreparation and characterization of LmbX protein involved in lincomycin biosynthesis
Dana Chytrá2012diploma thesisCharacterization of gycin-rich loop of mitochondrial processing peptidase alpha subunit from Saccharomyces cerevisiae
Ludmila Veselá2012bachelor thesisAntibiotic resistance conferred by members of ARE subfamily of ABC proteins
Michaela Kroová2011diploma thesisMolecular analysis of resistance gene vga(A)LC identification of key aminoacid residues
Markéta Koběrská2010dissertationComparative analysis of celesticetin and lincomycin biosynthetic gene clusters
Marek Poľan2010diploma thesisCharacterization of N-demethyllincomycin-methyltransferase
Petra Jiráčková2010bachelor thesisThe Shared Steps of Lincomycine and Pyrrolo-benzodiazepine Biosynthetic Pathways
Eliška Kettnerová2010bachelor thesisIsolation and characterisation of biologically active substances
Dana Chytrá2010bachelor thesisThe Evolution of Mitochondrial Processing Peptidase and Its Substrates.
Tomáš Kučera2008diploma thesisCharacterization of signal peptidases of the mitochondrial type

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